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Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue assessments are key to many transport applications.  This is especially true for rail vehicles where the fatigue life of the components is quite often the design driving load case.

Design and Analysis has been conducting fatigue assessments since its inception in 2003 and its Engineers for many years more.  Our experience allows us to fully understand the intricacies of the subject and how to represent these within our analysis methods to provide accurate and reliable results.

We conduct assessments using a combination of our own bespoke software coding routines and with the dedicated fatigue evaluation software CAE LIMIT. Assessments are undertaken in accordance with the following commonly used standards:

  • BS 7608, BS EN 1993-1-9, DVS 1612 and FKM for steel structures.
  • BS 8118, BS EN 1999-1-3, PD 6702-1 and DVS 1608 for aluminium structures.