»  Rail Carbody Fatigue FEA Structural Analysis

Rail Carbody Fatigue FEA Structural Analysis

Here we have the FEA analysis of a Class 175 carbody. The model was created in Altair HyperWorks software, specifically HyperMesh for the pre-processing, Optistruct for the solver and HyperView for the post-processing.

The analysis was conducted primarily to study the fatigue life under the regulation load case specified in BS EN 12663.
Design and Analysis build FEA models of any size and complexity and are experts in assessment of fatigue life using all internationally recognised fatigue codes.

Full vehicle carbody FEA models like this are created for new train builders such as Alstom and Hitachi to ensure an optimised design in terms of structural strength against weight and operational life targets. They are also used by rolling stock companies (ROSCO’s) the owners of the vehicles to assess structural modifications, crash repairs and life extensions.