Crash simulation of the ProTEK ROPS on a Scania 8×8

Delighted to announce Design & Analysis’ involvement in the ProTEK Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS) by TEK Military Seating Ltd.

Where we carried out the design development using our crash analysis software to simulate roll over events to United Nations regulation ECE/324 R66 and European Economic Community directive 77/536/EEC.

  • ECE/324 R66 is the regulation used to certify the rollover of road going coaches and busses.
  • 77/536/EEC covers the certification of ROPS systems for agricultural and forestry tractors.

The units were specifically developed for the military version of the Scania 8×8 which is a heavy utility truck. This formed part of the Gryphus DVOW program for the Dutch Military supplied by Scania Nederland.

You can imagine a truck of this size puts quite a bit of load into a ROPS system, so it was crucial to accurately represent the truck in the FEA model as well as the ROPS units.

The videos above show the ECE/324 R66 simulation, where the weight and dynamic behaviour of the truck acts on the ROPS system as the truck falls off a 800mm platform, representing falling into a ditch

The videos above show the 77/536/EEC simulation where the weight and dynamic behaviour of the truck respond when hit by a 2000kg weight dropped on a 6m pendulum form a release height of 3.2m, representing a rollover event.

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